Zola beginner's quickstart

🇫🇷 This step-by-step tutorial targets people who never used Zola. If you are already experimented with it, refer to the cheatsheet (TODO). Wether you like Rust and SSG or you do not know any of these, if you wish to create a website or a blog, Zola is made for you ! We are going to discover here the basic concepts of Zola. For more advanced options, please refer to the documentation. Once Zola installed, create a site by entering the following in a terminal: $ zola init quicksite lets answer the interactive question as follows in order to init the config.toml file: Welcome to Zola! > What is the URL of your site? (https://example.com): http://example.com > Do you want to enable Sass compilation? [Y/n]: Y > Do you want to enable syntax highlighting? [y/N]: N > Do you want to build a search index of the content? [y/N]: N 10 milliseconds later, we should get a folder with the following architecture: $ tree quicksite/ quicksite/ ├── config.toml ├── content ├── sass ├── static…